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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Dr. Shrub's apart from other oral care brands?

Dr. Shrub's stands out for its commitment to natural ingredients, being alcohol-free, and devoid of harmful chemicals. Our products harness the power of nature for effective oral care without compromising on safety.

Why should I choose Dr. Shrub's over traditional mouthwashes?

Dr. Shrub's offers a refreshing alternative to traditional mouthwashes by providing an alcohol-free and chemical-free formula. We prioritize natural ingredients that contribute to a healthier oral environment without the potential side effects associated with harsh chemicals.

Can Dr. Shrub's natural oral care products effectively combat bad breath?

Absolutely! Dr. Shrub's formulations include natural breath-freshening ingredients like mint, tea tree oil, and more. These elements work together to combat bad breath, leaving your mouth feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Are Dr. Shrub's products suitable for individuals with sensitive gums?

Yes, Dr. Shrub's products are formulated with a focus on gentleness. Our alcohol-free and chemical-free approach makes our oral care suitable for individuals with sensitive gums, providing effective cleaning without causing irritation.

Are Dr. Shrub's products safe for children to use?

Yes, Dr. Shrub's natural oral care products are generally safe for children above 5 years of age. Our alcohol-free and chemical-free formulations prioritize gentle yet effective ingredients. However, for younger children, we recommend consulting with a pediatric dentist before introducing any new oral care products to ensure they align with individual dental needs.