Frequently Asked Questions

1. Quantity of Oral Conditioner or Oral Cleanser to be used each time?

Take 5 ml for each use and gargle not less than 60 seconds. Always use post meal.

2. Having burning sensation during the use?

Dilute with water only in case of burning sensation. Generally, there won’t be any kind of burning sensation after a day or two.

3. Can we use both the products at once?

Do not use both products together. We can use both products on same day after different meals.

4. Who can use the products?

Both products can be used by everyone due to their palatability. For anyone above the age of 5 years.

5.In case of sensitivity, The Oral conditioner or The Oral Cleanser which works better?

In case of sensitivity, the oral conditioner works better.

6. How to avail best result from the products?

For best results, massage your gums with your finger before spitting the solution.

7. How long can we use the product?

Use for lifetime is also safe.